Miami Travel Guide

Miami has a rich history and was founded by Spanish conquistadores in 1565. It was annexed by the United States in 1776 and then made an independent city by the Congress of the United States in 1837. It became the municipios of Miami and Miami Beach in 1902. The city was the home of many notable figures, particularly baseball great Babe Didrikson Ruth. Many historical sites of importance are located here.

* Fort Miami: it is a large fort built along Biscayne Bay, built by the Spanish to protect the colony from the Caribbeans in the 1600s. The fort was a main center of government activity and eventually became the headquarters of Miami.

* Homestead Air Force Base: The airport was opened in 1952, however the base was established as early as 1901 as part of Project BLUE BEAR. It is the largest air force base in the United States and is currently the home of the Eighth Air Force.

* Little Havana: this is a neighborhood on the south side of Miami, between downtown and the airport. It is known to be a center of Cuban culture, art, music, and politics. This neighborhood has a great number of cafes, bars, shops, restaurants, theaters, museums, and other attractions.

* Miami Beach: the beachfront area of the city is a great place to visit for a pleasant stroll. There are numerous hotels, spas, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, and other recreational facilities.

Hotels and resorts are very popular here, as are the cheap boarding houses. The city has several hotels in prime locations, and many boarding houses in which travelers can rent rooms or afford a private place to sleep.

The city is known as a mecca of fine art, and contains some of the finest galleries and museums in the world. It is also a place of great culture and history. Museums and galleries depict the city’s heritage, the local cultures and religions, and there are some unique and imposing artworks of the city’s art scene.

Salsa Music and Culture:

Miami has many venues to take advantage of the Salsa music. It has a wide range of venues that offer Salsa music. There are numerous bars and nightclubs where visitors can enjoy the music.

The music of Miami has a Caribbean and Latin flavor. In fact the city has the largest Salsa club in the United States, Fado & Mascarita’s. It is the world’s largest salsa venue and has a capacity of 1,700 people, boasting a large dance floor and three bars, so when you’re ready for some Latin music, this is the place to go.

It is one of the best places to discover and experience the music of Miami. This music is most popular among the Caribbean and Latin American immigrant population. With the popular music, Miami brings about a fun nightlife and a relaxed, live atmosphere. This music is not only popular among the natives, but also among the foreigners who visit Miami.

There are many other places and clubs that are popular among the residents and visitors of the city. In fact, it is one of the best places to visit in Miami. It is worth a visit when you want to experience different music and dance forms or want to feel different emotions.

Attractions to See:

* Ocean Drive: One of the city’s main attractions, Ocean Drive is a thoroughfare that features restaurants, shops and galleries. This is an ideal place to find some local flavors and see all of the city’s flair. There are many restaurants and eateries as well as galleries. You will also find art galleries and museums here.